Ideal for a dynamic team of two looking for a cool, creative space.

The Business Factory


Perfect for startups with larger teams and eager for generous space in a pleasant environment.

The Business Factory


2 rooms with a capacity of 8 people, ready to hold live or web meetings for clients or other remote colleagues.

The Business Factory

Offices for rent in Brasov

Need an office all to yourself?

We've set up a coworking space tailored to your needs. Private offices for 3 to 30 people for your business, meeting and event rooms.

A proactive space

Why choose a coworking space?

Coworking - the space where several people who had the courage to call themselves small entrepreneurs, who don't feel like working from home and at the same time are more liberal, friendly and communicative, chose to share their time and motivational and enthusiastic experience with other freelancers.

Available services

Here's what we've got for you at The Business Factory

We've prepared a brand new room for your events.

Yes, space is available at any time, based on the access card.

Subscriptions are flexible, depending on your business needs.

High-speed wireless network available to all members.

Our lounge is more than suitable for a relaxing break between sessions.

Several private office options are available, depending on the number of seats needed.

They are equipped with everything you need for a meeting with your clients or partners.

Yes, water and coffee are included in the price. Plus, you get 2 printers that you can use for free, anytime, unlimited.

Coworking Community

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